Ask yourself this Question “Have you ever wanted to be trained by Celebrity Master Trainer & Fitness Icon JNL?"

Are you ready to experience the best training session ever, 1 on 1 with one of the world's most renowned Super Fitness Models, Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Are you ready for the most serious butt-kicking workout of your life? And do you want to learn all of JNL's Top Fitness Model workouts-IN PERSON-with JNL RIGHT THERE with YOU while she trains you?

THEN READ ON! Because NOW JNL is offering her training services to those who are super serious to take their bodies and fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!

NEVER has Super Fitness Model & International Fitness Celebrity JNL offered her private training sessions, UNITL NOW!

If you are ready to learn from THE MASTER CELEBRITY TRAINER of our time, then you are in for an UNFORGETTABLE treat!

When you sign up to train with JNL, she will help you to reinvent yourself, reconnect with your passions, lose weight, increase productivity in your life, gain confidence, energy, stamina, and endurance with her exclusive training package!

This incredible opportunity to work with JNL is limited to only those who are approved after applying, as she will “hand pick” and “specifically chose” those who are ready for her challenge! And if you are highly coachable, ready to make improvements, and eager to learn her top body transforming principles and workouts-you indeed have come to the right place!  JNL has helped millions of people to get  the best out of their lives, their businesses, and their fitness levels-and NOW SHE WANTS TO TRAIN YOU!


    * Tired of the way you look and feel, and ready to make improvements in your life, and reinvent your identity as the real YOU that you want to be!
    * Have lost your passions in working out & in life, and are ready to rediscover them
    Don’t remember the time you felt excited about your exercise program, & eager for a motivational kick in the butt!
    * Feel confused with all the contradicting fitness & weight loss info that’s out there-and are ready to KNOW the truth NOW!
    Don’t have a Coach to help identify your self-sabotaging behaviours, and are ready to experience and enjoy having a positve mentor, life coach, and “cheerleader” rooting you on to your successes while you are working out?
    And if you are in the Miami Area, or will be traveling to the Miami area in the near future, as JNL's training facilities are located in the South Florida area.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Training with JNL 1 on 1 is a MUST and is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! JNL is ready to help you rev up your engines, give you that jump start, to get you up and going again, and headed in the right direction-to acheive YOUR FITNESS GOALS!

Again, ONLY lucky applicants will be Hand picked, will be chosen from thousands!

And the sooner you apply, the better, as applications will be taken at a “first come first served” basis, and you will have better chances at being chosen to work with one of the best CELEBRITY MASTER VIP TRAINERS, LIFE COACHES and SUCCESS TURNAROUND COACHES alive today-JNL!



After your application has been received and you are officially accepted, and have been personally invited by JNL herself to train with her, you will ENJOY:

  1. A Pre-Workout Consultation from JNL. On this private one on one telephone call, JNL will coach you, consult with you and go over your fitness dreams and goals. (Pre-Workout Consultation VALUE: $500)
  2. After the Consultation, JNL will then create a special workout according to your needs and desires and will have this workout ready for you when you come to train with her in person. (Personalized Workout Creation = $1,000)
  3. Two certificates for a 15-minute “Emergency” phone call with JNL (Value = $1000)
  4. Special JNL Fitness Package, Including all of her favorite BODY FX supplements,  (Value = $1000)
  5. To be with JNL one on one, trained and coached by her and also a specially designed workout just for you! (VALUE OF CUSTOMIZED, SPECIALIZED TRAINING WITH CELEBRITY TRAINER JNL= $1,000)
  6. Special JNL Merchandise Package: Full of JNL's Top Selling Magazine covers, autographed & personalized, her hard copy book "The Mind Body & Soul Diet", 8 x 10s', and JNL posters (VALUE=$500)
Total Value of the TRAIN WITH JNL EXPERIENCE: $5,000

But I’m offering this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY to only those fitness friends who meet the specific requirements and who qualify. And the price is $5,000. But I'm not even going to charge

$5,000, not even

$4,000, not even

$3,000, not even

$2,000, not even

$1,000, not even


And not even $800, not even $700,

And nope not even $600!

Your small investment of only $497 will give you your ticket to a chance in a life time opportunity that will provide you with priceless tips, tools, techniques and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals-which is priceless!
If your application is approved and accepted, you will be able to get in on the powerful "Train with JNL" Experience to help you QUANTUM LEAP YOUR FITNESS LEVEL and to create a New You that you have always DREAMED OF!
If you wish to purchase a continuous training package with JNL, please continue to fill out the application, noting this info and desire in the "Additional Information" which is the last answer box field. We will then workout a discounted price for you, depending upon if you wish to create a 5, 7, or 10, or more VIP Training Package, where you train with JNL one on one in her Coral Gables based JNL Fitness Studio in Miami, FL. After you fill out the application, and you are JNL-Approved, one of our JNL reps, or JNL herself, will reach out to you to set up your VIP training package!

To get started, just fill out and submit the below application!



Email address:
Telephone Number:
Why do you feel you should TRAIN WITH JNL?
What are your weak points you would like JNL to work on?
What are your strengths that you would like to continue to grow and nurture?
Your favorite personality trait?
Your least favorite personality trait?
Why do you want to TRAIN with JNL 1 on 1?

Why do you feel that you deserve this special one time opportunity, from the other thousands who have also applied? What makes you stand out and special?

Any other additional information that you would like to share with Team JNL to help you get accepted, please note it here:
NOTE: You will be billed upon acceptance of your application. NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED, READ OR EVEN CONSIDERED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED WITH CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. The credit card will be charged a total of $497.00. If for any reason you are not accepted, your credit card will NOT be charged.

Credit Card Information:

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Expiration Date (MM/YY):
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CVS code on back:

“I hereby agree JNL, Inc to charge my credit card a total of $497.00. I understand will not be credited back to me if I am selected and approved to train with her or her Celebrity Trainer. 


 Quick Facts about the "Train With JNL" WORKOUT Experience:

Applications NOW being taken! Priority is given to those who apply first, so apply now to secure your spot. Due to the quality that JNL gives, she is only training a small number of applicants per month, therefore apply now if you are serious. Due to the enormous response, we are now booked weeks in advance. And since JNL is committed to giving ONE ON ONE detailed attention, she again is only working with a few select applicants who meet the requirements.

Please note that this is a one time fee for a one time 30 minute consult with JNL, followed by a one and a half hour training session, designed around your goals and needs. If you would like to train with JNL again after this first time session, there will be another fee, and will be scheduled based on her availability.

Once you have been selected and your application is approved, one of JNL's representatives will be contacting you to set up the telephone consulation, and to also set up your private personal 1 on 1 training.

Good luck on getting selected, and Team JNL is dedicated to YOUR success!